What is an OLED monitor?

OLED Monitor

Televisions and computer monitors have evolved tremendously over the years. Decades ago, living rooms were decorated with huge and heavy screens that a person cannot even carry. Then, technological advancements paved the way for them to become smaller and thinner. They started to look more sleek and modern. People started using them not only as television screens, but as monitors where they can view a display from other devices – such as gaming consoles and computers.

But, this evolution will not stop there. With the introduction of OLED monitors, there is yet another leap in this specific field.

What are OLED monitors?

OLED monitors are a new wave of thin and light display screens that use the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. They are very similar to LED displays, but instead of transmitting light, OLED produces its own with the use of organic molecules. They light up whenever they are fed electricity. Filters are used by the manufacturers to create different colors that are more stunning and vivid than any other kind of display. That is a vast improvement!

When used for gaming, OLED monitors will definitely treat you to a more immersive experience. The incredibly good image quality will take your visuals to the next level, allow you to increase your focus on the graphics, and enjoy the game like never before.

What are the possible problems that I might encounter with OLED monitors?

Just like any other screens, OLED monitors are not perfect. The technology is fairly new and it still has a long way to go in terms of improvement.

One problem that users of OLED monitors might encounter is the degradation of the cells. Remember that OLED pixels produce their own light. After using the monitor for a thousand hours or so, they might start to burn and degrade. This kind of damage can occur slowly because each color pixel degrades at a different rate. When this happens, you may have to deal with inaccurate color representations.

Another problem would be burning. Burning occurs when a certain picture is displayed too long on the screen – like a screen saver – and it seems to stay on the monitor even when you change the display. This usually happens to high-contrast display screens, and the OLED definitely is one.

How much are OLED monitors?

There aren’t a lot of OLED monitors available in the market yet, so the ones that you can buy today will definitely be expensive. Hence, the technology is only recommended for professional uses where stunningly clear visuals are vital.

However, when the technology improves and OLED monitors will go mainstream, then the prices might go down a notch.

The Bottom line

Gamers are always on the lookout for new gaming equipment that could boost their gaming performance and be an efficient and good-looking addition to their gaming rig. The OLED is definitely one to watch out for in the future. Once the technology is perfected, it could totally be a gamechanger in the way the biggest brands manufacture monitors.